These plans are supplied by Holescreek(aka Mike) over on the Practical Machinist - South Bend forum.

All questions about the plans should be directed to the thread about this project where Mike and other forum members can assist with your questions.

Mike suggests the following 4 improvements to his current design:

  1. Do not use a roll pin at the end of the adjustment screw.
    The roll pin is hard to remove to disassemble the turner.
  2. Add a cover to the tool holder to keep swarf out of the threads.
  3. Stops. I originally planned to add adjustable stops on the OD of the turner to keep it from rotating beyond center. I never got around to it.
  4. Add a scale on top to use as a reference for radius size.


Ball Turner - Full JPG 959KB DXF 169KB
Ball Turner - Left JPG 628KB DXF 171KB
Ball Turner - Right JPG 562KB DXF 81KB
Ball Turner - All JPGs ZIP 2MB  
Ball Turner - All DXFs ZIP 191KB  

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